Welcome to becoming a professional


Welcoming students to Business School Lausanne provides almost as much a pleasure as to congratulate them at the Graduation Ceremony for their accomplishments.  What happens between first enrolment and Graduation is no less interesting, but it can be a period of colorful challenges.  Yes, most students go through some serious challenges that are made up of intense personal, social and professional learning.

Intensive learning is not only about important subjects in business or finance.  Learning is also about experience and about thinking carefully.  The last – thinking carefully – is not something that we do automatically, although we all like to believe that we are good thinkers.

Good thinking is something we can learn.  And good thinking is one of the most important ingredients in becoming good professionals.  When you are able to think critically, then you can study in a professional manner.  And – there is no doubt – when you are good at thinking and studying, then you will more likely be successful in your professional career. Why? Because good study skills are the same skills as those you need in your job.

Learning professional thinking and studying skills is not complicated, but it can be challenging.  This is why at Business School Lausanne we help you to acquire these skills.  Students at BSL, can attend any study skills lunch-time session that is offered.  These sessions are free, open to all, and without pressure or obligations – just intensive explorations of the skills that work for you.

Olivier Brenninkmeijer PhDOlivier Brenninkmeijer PhD

Associate Dean, BSL

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