Why bother to blog?

Blogging is new for some, old hat for others.  You can blog to gossip, blog to chat, blog to tell stories, or blog till the cows come home.  But you can also blog through the fog, blog to clog, blog to the dog, or else blog for naught.

What does all this mean?

  • Blog through the fog is to write until the fog lifts out of you mind and you begin to see.
  • Blog to clog is to keep writing to clog up the plumbing, or to put it more nicely, to say so much that you can’t think any longer.
  • Blog for the dog might imply that you keep talking and writing, but your audience understands only “walkie” or “biscuit”; i.e. you wasted a lot of saliva.
  • Blog for naught means that you are blogging for zero, for zilch.  It also implies that you spent your time talking a lot but saying little.  Yes, you could blog “till the cows come home”; i.e., so long that no one is interested any longer and it is evening now and the cows want to go into their stable to spend the night.

So why bother to blog?

To see through the fog?  To tell stories?  To say a lot but talk little?

Rather: blog to provoke new thoughts, to entice curiosity, to invite questions, to innovate, to inspire responses, to encourage fair debate, to challenge old biases, to upset your bad habits, to build trust, and to rouse strong feelings that lead to intelligent action for good, for common wellbeing, to generate knowledge, for shared learning – YES – Share the learning! That’s what blogging is good for… until the dog barks to go for walkies.

Olivier Brenninkmeijer PhDOlivier Brenninkmeijer PhD

Associate Dean, BSL

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