Cryonics at Swiss Luxury Clinic?

In the course of Marketing Planning and Business development, given by Professor Christopher H. Cordey, 22 students worked on a not too fictitious case study related to the eventual emergence of cryonics services in a Swiss Luxury Clinic.

Cryonics is the speculative practice of using cold to preserve the life of a person who can no longer be supported by ordinary medicine. The goal is to carry the person forward through time, for however many decades or centuries might be necessary, until the preservation process can be reversed, and the person restored to full health. More than one hundred people have been cryopreserved since the first case in 1967 in the USA. More than one thousand people have made legal and financial arrangements for cryonics with one of several organizations, usually by means of affordable life insurance.

In the case study, students were asked to outline opportunities and threats for a renowned Swiss luxury clinic to enter the life enhancement market and offer cryopreservation services to existing and new patients.

Below a selection of BSL’s students suggestions:

Even though Cryonics cannot be demonstrated to work today and Swiss luxury clinic might not yet ready yet, the emergence of the human enhancement market, should represent great business and job opportunities  for the next decade to come.

This is the story of student Kim Suozzi, the 23-year old neuroscience student who was in the midst of battling terminal brain cancer. Kim passed away on January 17th — but not before a successful on-line fundraising campaign managed to secure the funds required to grant Suozzi her dying wish: cryonic preservation.

Christopher Cordey, BSL Professor



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