Can we reach Life-Balance?

As a Psychology for Business Professor, I like to make it clear to my students that the application of what they will learn in my class has two main purposes within the work environment:

  • Firstly, it will help them understand and work efficiently with their future coworkers and teams by envisioning what the human capital of a company means.
  • Secondly, they will understand more about themselves, about their personality, their behaviors, their career plans, etc.

With regards to knowing oneself a little bit better, in my class yesterday, we discussed well-being at work and job satisfaction. Of course, work-life balance was part of the whole, but this time, I wanted them to have a different perspective at what could be called Life-Balance. Therefore I decided to show them a short video of Dan Thurmon Ted’s Talk on putting yourself off Balance on Purpose.

Dan Thurmon is the President of Motivation Works, Inc, as well as both an author and an amazing speaker. I have been admiring him for quite some time in his way of talking about what Balance means and that finding Balance in your life is some kind of a myth. He therefore points out that being off-Balance is ok, as long as it is done on purpose and not in reaction to your environment. I have to admit that he pushes it, as to him, being balanced means not growing. He believes that everyone should push themselves into being unbalanced on purpose as much as possible.

As I had planned, some students were completely in accordance with it and understood some of their behaviors much better. Always needing to put themselves in challenging situations and wanting to do more than what they already knew. Some others were looking at me as if I was completely crazy to even imagine this was possible. In the discussion that followed, they told me that for them mastering something was more important than mastering many things. They liked to feel confident in what they do and do not need to move all the time.

I like both feedbacks as it showed me once again, how different individuals are and how important it is to understand each other. It showed them that not everyone likes changes.

When working in a team, you will need people who can take challenging decisions, imagine new ways of doing things, etc… People who like to put themselves off-balance. However, you always need the ones who can keep their ground and make sure the boat has some kind of direction. We all have different strengths and it is our differences that bring greatness into the discussion.

Please watch this video and tell me what you think:

Dr. Elodie Baerlocher, Professor at BSL

1 thought on “Can we reach Life-Balance?

  1. As a retired author living in Switzerland, this was an interesting video, it most certainly helps those on a life journey. Things were not always so difficult in the job market, but as soon as I got an new position in the past, I always started looking for the next challenge. It was probably best to be unbalanced, in order not to miss out on new opportunities, but that leads to a low commitment at work and can put stress on personal relationships?
    So you tell me what’s the solution today?

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