Think Sustainability, think People

“SGS is everywhere”, declared Daniel Rufenacht, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility, SGS, in his keynote speech to the new cohort of Business School Lausanne Bachelor, Masters and MBA students on Thursday 20th February, 2014.

Daniel Rufenacht at BSL

Why everywhere? Well,  SGS tests, controls and certifies in all sectors of the economy;  they work in the areas of agriculture, oil and gas, automotive, chemical and construction to name but a few. This is an organization with a global reach and presence and, thanks to our speaker’s very broad experience, he was able to explain the many challenges the world and the world of business is facing today. Slavery, over consumption, more people and less energy were subjects touched upon.

Beyond purely economic and environmental issues Daniel Rufenacht talked about the problem of people in the workplace. There is a cost on human beings; we need to think about retention rates, absenteeism, retraining and training employees as these are issues that impact an organization’s bottom line.

Sustainability of human beings is key: the Y Generation (and one of our Y Gen students was in complete agreement) is interested in work-life balance and enjoying life in the work place.  Times have changed and so must business, if they want to recruit and retain the best people!

The sustainability drivers – time scarcity, competition and doing more with less; the importance of courage, and courageous leaders, all these topics were touched on in this fascinating presentation. Thanks to Daniel Rufenacht, the listeners at BSL this evening were motivated to be part of a changed way of thinking and doing business.

Mary Mayenfisch-Tobin, BCL, LL.M, Solicitor


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