A Woman of Substance – Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden

Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden paid a visit to Business School Lausanne recently and what a treat that was! Ms Jorden addressed a group of students, alumni, staff and faculty and gave her version of what business should think about and look like.

As President and CEO of The Paradigm Forum, a global consultancy and think tank, Ms Haller-Jorden previously held the position of Senior Vice President of Global Learning Strategies at Catalyst, and General Manger of Catalyst Europe. Chairperson of the Humanity Initiatives Executive Board, a member of the Global Advisory Council of the Gender Equality Project, this lady has just been appointed to two initiatives founded by Hilary Clinton, the Vital Voices Global Partnership as a Global Ambassador and the Women in Public Service Project.

Here in BSL, Ms Haller-Jorden talked to us about business and corporate culture. We heard about her “4 buckets” needed for business results – motivation, metrics, management and mindset. The learning developments at Deloitte caught our attention, the conversation about employees needs in terms of role, pace, workload and location seemed very relevant.  Inclusive corporate culture, some sense of security, the importance of values were touched upon and highlighted.

The importance of fairness, access to benefits, quality of management and equity, Ms Haller-Jorden made a lot of sense. And how does she feel about the future of work and the workplace “Reasonably optimistic” she said – good news!

I was very interested in Ms Jorden’s vision of the future of MBA education and the results of this education. “We need mavericks”, she said, “people who can communicate effectively, who are creative”. The importance of the right attitude was extremely well noted particularly as we have just published a paper which goes in this very direction.

Eleanor Tabi Haller-Jorden makes a lot of sense; we look forward to a return visit.

Mary Mayenfisch-Tobin, BCL, LL.M, Solicitor


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