Monday, 9th March, 2015 – Equal Pay Day in Switzerland

We were lucky!! The sun was shining and spring was definitely in the air on Monday, 9th March, 2015.  So much the better for the women and men who headed off to St Laurent, Lausanne on the occasion of Equal Pay Day in Switzerland.  What does this mean some of you may ask?  Well, this was the day when women in Switzerland earn the amount men earned up to the 31st December, 2014. Yes, you read that correctly!  Women here must work 68 days extra to earn the same amount as their male counterparts each year, an 18.9% difference in salary according to the Swiss Bureau of Statistics.

BSL supports the Equal Pay Day in Lausanne

BSL students, staff and faculty supporting the Equal Pay Day in Lausanne

So there we were in St Laurent, giving out our bright red bags with the equal pay day logo that has become so well known here.  BSL wanted to be there to support this initiative alongside the Business and Professional Women of Lausanne, the Bureau of Equality, led by Magaly Hanselmann,  CLAVF were there, Martine Gagnebin, President of the ADF , Veronique Goy Veenhuys, Founder of Equal Salary and also present was Simone Chappuis Bischof, who has fought for the rights of women in Switzerland for many years. So many dedicated women, it was a wonderful reunion. BSL students, faculty and friends from France, Armenia, Sweden, Denmark, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ireland, Canada, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Monaco and Portugal were proud to be there too! What an honour for all of us from BSL to walk alongside such incredible people.   People who really want to make a difference to ensure equality in Switzerland. Great work everyone!

Mary Mayenfisch-Tobin, BCL, LL.M, Solicitor marymayenfish

1 thought on “Monday, 9th March, 2015 – Equal Pay Day in Switzerland

  1. No need to worry. Women will shortly run most things. The US Department of Education numbers show that since 1979 women in the US have become the majority of university students; and for over a decade now they have averaged 57+% of US university students. It is likely Europe is seeing a similar trend. So with such a large commanding lead in higher education, a fundamental shift is taking place that will affect most organization going forward.

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