Good humour and collective intelligence – BSL Empowering Inclusion in Business

BSL was delighted to welcome a great group of professionals from the corporate world, women’s associations, and people with regards to the situation of inclusion and diversity in business. Professors Nadene Canning and Natalie Wilkins facilitated the event with the help of yours truly, Mary Mayenfisch.

The mood was good; the wish to work together in a constructive way was impressive.  The outcomes will become clear as we move towards a work world that is more inclusive. Governance, leadership and Talent management were the subjects treated as we felt that these issues lie at the heart of the problem.

We appreciated the presence of such an experienced group of people at our event, those of you who joined us on the beginning of this journey to educate and ensure a fairer workspace.

Many thanks to the “Advance Women in Swiss Business” organization- we appreciated your support and presence.

Watch this space – the journey has begun!

See more pictures of the event here.

DSC_1522 (Large) DSC_1530 (Large)

Author: Mary Mayenfisch-Tobin, BCL, LL.M, Solicitor

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