FIER by Andrea

Fashion, quality and something Italian.


In a new interview series by the BSL careers office, we’ve decided to look at what life looks like for our business and entrepreneurial students after studying at Business School Lausanne.

Andrea Sacco is a name you will want to follow closely as this business management student at BSL pushes to reinvent the online fashion experience. We were privileged enough to spend some time talking to him about his latest business venture and what he finds so important about the BSL experience.

andrea sacco fier           source: FIER by Andrea

A little bit about you…

My name is Andrea Sacco, I’m a student at Business School Lausanne and I am the founder of FIER by Andrea an online clothing company specializing in luxury street wear.

How did you get the idea for your business?

The company started with the idea that the [online] fashion world was missing something – quality. I looked at many well-known brands who were offering products which were extremely overpriced when compared with their quality. I realized that I wanted to make a difference within the industry and decided to draw on my own experiences as a child in Italy, where I was always exposed to quality clothing. I loved the idea that you could fall in love with being proud of what you wear and that’s how FIER – French for proud – was born.

What is the key point of difference that your business has?

I believe the fundamental difference between FIER and other online streetwear brands is quality. Quality in every aspect of the fashion experience. Our materials are well researched and carefully sourced and our designs are original with iconic elements remaining throughout the way with Fier.

What has been your greatest triumph and hardest challenge?

I don’t believe I have had a ‘greatest triumph’ yet. I don’t believe that will happen until I am [by my standards] 100% successful. However, what I am proud of is the fact that from the outside, everything looks the way we wanted it to look. We have been able to defend our decisions with suppliers and make them create things in line with our points of view. So I am really proud of where we are with FIER. The organization’s existence, itself, is a triumph for me.

pic andrea sacco 2                       source: FIER by Andrea

How did your studies help prepare you for running your own business?

Studying at BSL was really great for me. The school, the environment, and the professors really helped me to grow and develop as a person. I met amazing people from many different places, which really opened up the world to me. In terms of what I studied preparing me to run a business, there were a few essential courses which really helped me, notably: marketing with Kelly Krentz who is an acclaimed international marketer with a solid track record in portfolio brand strategy, communication development,  Her experience spans regulated (OTC, Beverage), non-regulated (FMCG) and not-for-profit (Community building) industries where she has held both global and regional roles which helped us understand marketing concepts from various avenues. Other classes that truly helped me expand my understanding of business were my accounting and statistics classes.  Finally, the class I felt really broaden my horizons was sustainable business with Dr. Erdal Atukeren, who has an overwhelming amount of experience in all things economics related, including playing a role as a Senior Researcher in Macroeconometric Modelling & Forecasting at the ETH Zürich, Swiss Economic Institute.

Would you recommend BSL to other entrepreneurs and why?

I would most definitely recommend BSL to other aspiring entrepreneurs. Even though I believe the ability to be an entrepreneur extends beyond your schooling, the support I received from my professors and the people I was exposed to here has really helped me.

Tell me a little bit about your lines, especially the one recently released.andrea sacco feir

The latest collection takes a step towards Japanese culture. After a trip to Kyoto, I was inspired by the Bushido and Oni masks. I have created a conglomerated, hybrid version of these two concepts which have been designed and stitched onto 100% Italian, 100% cotton hoodies using over 150000 stitching points. We’re keeping with Eastern-inspired cultural influences in the upcoming masks and will be releasing some exciting lines in the not-too-distant future.

                                                                                                               source: FIER by Andrea

You can find out more about Andrea’s incredible business venture by visiting his online store, as we follow the young entrepreneur on his journey to the top.

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