Steps You Can Take to Boost Your Career Prospects During Your BBA Degree

business administration degree

Students at Business School Lausanne (BSL) have numerous ways to enhance their career prospects while studying. The Careers Office connects students to opportunities such as company visits, voluntary projects, internship/graduate programs, networking events, workshops, mentoring programs and more to enable them to reach their career aspirations. Whether you want to launch a start-up, take over the family business, or join a large international corporation, BSL and its community can help you excel.

Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program at BSL start their career journey the moment they begin studying.  The academic course is designed to prepare students to succeed in the fast-changing business world and students develop practical and professional skills, while learning from real-life examples, business simulations and challenges. In parallel, the Careers Office offers students valuable tools to create their professional brand with a powerful application package, strategically including their top skills and competencies in CVs and LinkedIn profiles.

Read on to find out how you can boost your career prospects while studying.

Step into the industry with an Internship

Students enrolled in the three-year BBA degree have the opportunity to complete an optional internship as part of their studies.

An internship is an excellent way to gain valuable experience in the business world before graduating. Not only this improves your professional profile and gives you greater understanding of business in practice, it also helps you discover how to shape your future career path.

At BSL, students have access to personalized employability sessions at the Careers Office, in preparation for their internship search, applications and interviews, maximizing their chances to secure an internship by building a strong professional brand for themselves. Students have access to internship opportunities through the BSL Career Center where Alumni and partner companies can advertise internship positions with current students so that they can kickstart their career while studying.

business degree switzerland

Completing internships while studying can help you excel after graduation

Build an International Network While Studying for a Business Degree in Switzerland

Students at BSL are part of an international community with peers from all four corners of the world. In fact, 80% of students enrolled in the Business Administration degree program are international. This means that students will be able to build an international network, which could help them succeed in a globalized business world.

As well as networking with peers, students also have the opportunity to network with Alumni and professionals from companies in Switzerland and around the world. The BSL Alumni community is represented in well-known global corporations and organizations, including KPMG, United Nations, Microsoft, AirBnB, Warner Bros, Credit Suisse, Deloitte and more!

Attend Student and Networking Events

There are a number of different events that students can attend while studying, such as panel discussions, networking events, company presentations. The Student Council also organizes student-led Business Innovation weeks which bring together industry representatives and BSL community, also allowing the students organizers to work on their leadership development. All in all, these are a great opportunity to meet other professionals and improve your understanding of business as well as your Swiss and global network.

As well as this, BSL and the Student Council organize regular company visits. Students will be able to see the location of Swiss companies and learn from industry leaders. If you prefer to stay on campus, guest speakers are often invited to deliver inspiring talks about their specific industries to students in class. These will give students the opportunity to connect with successful industry experts from all kinds of businesses.

bba degree

By building up an extensive network, students can set themselves up for career success

Find a Mentor

Another good way to enhance your career prospects while studying for a BBA degree is to find a mentor. BSL runs an Alumni Mentoring program that connects young aspiring professionals at the very start of their careers with seasoned and inspiring business mentors. Mentoring is important for students as it happens in a grade-free and safe space; mentors also give students valuable advice to help find professional fulfillment and reach their potential.

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