BSL students on a company visit at Starbucks

Masters Students from BSL’ s Competitive Positioning class paid a visit to Starbucks Coffee Trading Company (SCTC) on 29th June, 2015 . A warm welcome from the Starbucks team started the morning off well. Our journey to the world of coffee … Continue reading

BSL students visit mining company Vale

17th July, 2015 – Business School Lausanne students from the MBA, Masters and Bachelor programs visited Vale, the Brazilian mining company in St. Prex, this afternoon. A warm greeting from Adriana Verdier, External Affairs Manager, and Nadine Blaser, Communications Manager, got us … Continue reading

A day out at Starbucks

Coffee cups are getting ready for a tasting procedure by BSL students at Starbucks  MBA, Masters and Bachelor students paid a visit to Starbucks Coffee Trading Company (SCTC) at their premises in Lausanne this week. A warm welcome from the … Continue reading

Responsible sourcing at Nestlé – BSL students learn first-hand about key elements of corporate sustainability

As all of us working in this field know, sustainability is highly complex, requiring an understanding of multiple disciplines, many of which rather technical. Additionally, there’s a big gap between theory and practice, especially when attempting to transform existing companies … Continue reading

A tale of complexity and connectedness – BSL goes to Nestlé

A group of BSL students from the Bachelor, Masters and MBA programs visited Nestlé today.  The aim of the visit was to try to understand the complexity of a multinational organization like Nestlé in today’s globalized, interconnected world. For this … Continue reading