Olivier Brenninkmeijer PhDWelcome to the BSL Blog 
Message from the Associate Dean

This blog invites you to read and contribute to discussions and ideas that stimulate shared learning.

You enjoy discovering new approaches to issues that interest you, and so do we.  We like to write about business management, leadership, innovation and professional development.  We love to read and hear what you think about these topics.

In this blog, you can respond, ask questions, challenge us, or just follow your friends and professional contacts.  Here, you can approach professors from Business School Lausanne directly and suggest your way of looking at something – suggest another approach to share your learning with others.

As you contribute your thoughts and learning, this blog page will grow and provide space for discussions on different topics.  All of these are of interest to students, friends and professors at Business School Lausanne because they cover topics that add value to running businesses and organizations.  Such topics can include the following, among others:

  • Business development
  • Start-ups and entrepreneurship
  • Investment and financial management
  • Innovation and marketing
  • International trade and business law
  • People management and technical management
  • Decision-making about difficult issues
  • Communication across cultures
  • Interdependent systems and business success

… and more.

We welcome discovery and we appreciate what is new and different.  This means that we are willing to change our thinking and behavior.  As leaders in business and business education, we must be willing to change and transform every difference of opinion into a source for shared learning.

Through these blog pages, you are welcome to contribute more; your ideas, your suggestions, and more learning to share and benefit from.  The values of Business School Lausanne stand for deepening our learning to develop professional partnerships through courageous Leadership and by taking responsibility for the business we engage in.

Welcome to this blog and thank you for becoming engaged – read, think, write, reflect, and talk about it.

Olivier Brenninkmeijer PhD

Associate Dean, BSL

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