Closing the circle – from research to reality

Many years ago in another life, in another career, I became passionate about ethnoveterinary medicine (EVM). This arcane subject, also known as traditional veterinary knowledge, received my undivided attention for a number of years. I first learnt about this area of indigenous knowledge from Professor Denis Fielding of Edinburgh University’s Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine where I was studying for my Masters in Tropical Animal Production and Health. It appeared that in every culture, in every civilisation the world over where animals were being raised for meat, milk and fibre, people had discovered plants with medicinal properties to treat a multitude of livestock ailments. Continue reading

Human Rights are inalienable and indivisible!

I was happy to present my views on Business and Human Rights and corporate governance to Professor Marina Curran’s Masters Class on “Business Responsibility and Sustainability” this week.

For me it was important to tell students about the current debate on the importance of Human Rights to Business and in the Education of Business students – Financial Times: Human Rights should be on the MBA curriculum. This knowledge and understanding is so relevant and important for their future careers! Continue reading

Social Impact Assessment, Risk and CSR

I thought I would continue on the theme of my previous post where I mentioned the glazing of the eyes of students when faced with theory of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) versus the reality of applying CSR in the business context, especially in emerging markets with its specific challenges.

CSR has to be above all things practical, achievable, measurable and in many ways the practice of Social Impact Assessments (SIA) when embarking on new projects embodies this. Continue reading