CSR – Cooperative social responsibility?

As a professor of  Business Responsibility and Sustainability, I have had my work cut out this term making the business case for CSR to students from a wide range of backgrounds. When some people hear the term CSR their eyes glaze over and they think, this isn’t for me, this can’t work in my country. We have too many other things to deal with first (poverty, corruption, lack of investment in basic infrastructure…). But CSR doesn’t have to be expensive and doesn’t have to be referred to as CSR. Continue reading

On November 24, the Swiss people will vote on limiting the income disparity in organizations to a maximum factor of 12 between lowest and highest salary

BSL’s Dean opens the debate on the 1:12 initiative in Switzerland. The blog reveals thoughts and questions on the upcoming Swiss vote on limiting income disparity.

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The Swiss people are preparing to vote about the option to legally set a relative earning limit of 1:12 in organizations located in Switzerland. Despite the fact that earning inequality is widely considered one of the biggest social challenges of our times, no country has yet taken concrete steps to address this aspect of the problem. 2013 Economics Nobel Prize Winner and Yale professor Robert J. Shiller says: “rising economic inequality is the most important problem that we are facing today.” The Swiss vote will most certainly make international headlines, hopefully igniting a global debate on the topic, particularly if the Swiss vote will be in favor of the new law. With only three weeks to go, current chances are estimated at 50:50.

The issue

Over the past 2 decades, executive compensation has exploded in Switzerland and elsewhere. Salaries in other income categories have increased as well, but by far not…

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