A Short Guide to Using LinkedIn for Professional Success while at Graduate Business School

LinkedIn offers a world of opportunity for business students. The platform is the most used professional networking site in the world, with two new members joining every second. Today, LinkedIn has more than 660 million members in more than 200 countries

Students can use LinkedIn to advance in their careers, expand their network, launch their own business, develop new skills, and more. According to AdWeek, 92% of recruiters use social media sites like LinkedIn to find high-quality candidates. Read on to find out how to use LinkedIn for professional success while at business school. 

Set Your Intention for Using LinkedIn 

In order to get the most out of LinkedIn, you need to decide what you want to achieve. Are you looking to secure a new job opportunity, grow your network with new connections, or reach potential clients? 

It’s a good idea to mention this intention somewhere in your summary for your network and connections to see. How you actually use LinkedIn on a day-to-day basis while at graduate business school will also differ slightly depending on your goal. 

MBA Degree Students Should Be Professional and Personal on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is different from other social media sites like Facebook, as you will need to ensure that your activity on the site is always professional. Don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want your future boss or clients to see. 

However, you still want to show some personality and individuality. Make sure to update your profile photo with a professional-looking headshot or another work-related photo. A good image will make people more likely to connect with you, as you will seem more human.

Try to write in a professional tone when posting updates and writing your description. You can still use humor and personality, but ask yourself – would I write this in an email at work?

You need to strike the tone between professional and personal on LinkedIn

Post Regular Updates 

In order to get the most out of LinkedIn and increase your chances of finding new connections, it’s important to be an active user on the site. If you attend a networking event, a company visit, or a panel discussion, take a photo and share any interesting updates with your network. You can also use it as a platform to share your professional and academic achievements. 

Connect with Other Professionals 

If you meet someone at an event, at university, or during work experience, don’t hesitate to ask them to connect on LinkedIn. This is a great way of staying in contact as you continue with your career after an MBA degree

Use Relevant Keywords in Your Headline 

Your headline is the first thing that people will see on your LinkedIn profile. This is also what will be shown in the search bar when potential employers, clients, or connections search for you. Make sure that your headline accurately reflects what you do, or what you’re looking to do, so that the right people can find you.

Make sure that your headline is clear and includes keywords

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5 Essential Networking Tips for Students at Business School in Switzerland

One of the most valuable things that you can gain at Business School is connections. Not only will you have the opportunity to advance your career with new skills and a deeper understanding of business, but you will also be able to learn from others. The connections that you make as a student and Alumni could be instrumental in your professional life. They could help you build your own company or get your foot in the door of your dream industry.

Business School Lausanne (BSL) is home to students from around the world, and Lausanne is one of the most multicultural cities in Europe. This means you will have endless opportunities to build an international network and enhance your cross-cultural communication skills (on top of course of learning another language, French), extremely valuable in today’s globalized business world. 

Read on to discover five of the best ways to network while you’re at Business School.  

Connect with the Careers Office and make the most of the Master classes

Students at Business School Lausanne (BSL) have numerous ways to enhance their career prospects while studying. The Careers Office connects students to opportunities such as company visits, voluntary projects, internship/graduate programs, networking events, workshops, mentoring programs and more to enable them to reach their career aspirations. Whether you want to launch a start-up, take over the family business, or join a large international corporation, BSL and its community can help you excel. 

Students enrolled in a Master program at BSL start their career journey the moment they begin studying. The academic course is designed to prepare students to succeed in the fast-changing business world and students develop practical and professional skills, while learning from real-life examples, business simulations and challenges.

Attend Events and Company Visits at Graduate Business School 

BSL and the Student Council organize various events and visits for students. These include panel discussions with guest speakers and visits to company headquarters in and around Lausanne. It’s a good idea to attend as many of these online and offline events as you can while enrolled at our Business School. This could be an opportunity to network with a potential future employer and connect with other students across programs.

There are a number of different events that students can attend while studying, such as panel discussions, networking events and company presentations. The Student Council also organizes Student-led Business Innovation weeks which bring together industry representatives and the BSL community, also allowing the students organizers to work on their leadership development. All in all, these are great opportunities to meet other professionals and improve your understanding of business as well as your Swiss and global network.

Secure an Internship for your Final Capstone

At BSL, Master students have an internship option as part of their Capstone experience and they can apply for this unique experience at a company anywhere in the world. Via the Careers Office, they have access to personalized employability sessions in preparation for their internship search, applications and interviews, maximizing their chances to secure an internship by building a strong professional brand for themselves. 

Students also have access to opportunities through the BSL Career Center where Alumni and partner companies can advertise internship positions with the BSL Community.

There are a number of reasons to take on an internship as a final capstone of a Master degree in Switzerland as an internship is an excellent way to gain valuable experience in the business world and kickstart their career while studying. Not only does this improve students’ professional profile and gives them greater understanding of business in practice, it also helps them discover how to shape their future career path and possibly continue working with the company they joined for the internship. Last, but not least, it’s an opportunity to network with experienced professionals. 

Use LinkedIn for connecting to your Network and finding opportunities 

It is now easier than ever to network ‘virtually’, which is why it’s important to have an up-to-date LinkedIn account listing all of your experience, skills and interests. You could use this to reach out to Alumni or professionals in your field of interest for advice. In this respect, the BSL Careers Office offers students valuable tools to create their professional brand with a powerful application package, strategically including their top skills and competencies in CVs and LinkedIn profiles. Once you have your stunning online profile, you can join groups on LinkedIn relating to your field or interests. This can help to expand your network and connect you with opportunities you might be interested in. 

Connect with Students Professors and Guest Speakers 

You don’t need to attend a formal networking event to network. In fact, every day at BSL will be an opportunity to connect with other students, Faculty members and their Guest speakers. The small class sizes at BSL make it easy to connect with everyone and create an intimate, family-like atmosphere. Guest speakers are often invited to deliver inspiring talks about their specific industries to students in class. These will give you the opportunity to potentially connect with successful industry experts from all kinds of businesses. 


The friendships you develop will also become part of your professional network

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and arrange a meeting outside of class time with a Faculty member that you think you could learn from. 

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3 Signs You May Be an Ideal Candidate for Advanced Business Studies

Advanced business studies are perfect for business professionals who want to enhance their career with additional skills, in-depth knowledge, and an international network. As part of a business program at Business School Lausanne (BSL), you will have the opportunity to specialize and become an expert in your field, network with other ambitious professionals from around the world, and continue to progress in your career while studying.

From the connections you make to the skills that you gain, your studies offer a number of benefits—both tangible and intangible. The most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders never stop learning. If you are debating whether or not a qualification in advanced business studies is for you, read on to discover three reasons why you might just be the ideal candidate. 

You’re Ready to Take a Step Up and Want to Continue Working While Studying 

The skills, knowledge, and connections you gain while studying advanced business studies are designed to help you take a step up in your career. If you’re dissatisfied in your current role and eager to progress, then this program could be for you. 

The certificate of advanced studies at BSL is a good option for students who want to continue working while studying. The program can be completed part-time and offers flexibility so that students can balance study with work and personal obligations. This means that if you are already in a career, you can enhance your development without putting anything on hold. 

Part-time courses mean that you can balance work and study

You Want to Become an Expert in Your Field 

While there is certainly no harm in developing a diverse skill set, as you progress throughout your career, you may want to specialize in one particular area. This can help you to be more valuable to companies and access new opportunities. 

As part of the business program, students can choose to specialize in one of several different areas, including the following:

  • Financial markets 
  • Corporate finance 
  • Business megatrends 
  • Management skills for entrepreneurs 
  • Quantitative skills for data analysis 
  • Leadership for systems thinking 

This is ideal for young professionals who have less than three years of professional experience under their belt and know what aspect of the industry they are most interested in. However, even young professionals with no work experience can apply, so long as they have a Bachelor’s degree. Completing a certificate in advanced business studies can also offer a path to earning a Master’s degree in International Business on a part-time basis, which can be especially useful to students looking to become an expert in their field.  

You Want to Build an International Network 

One of the many advantages of studying at Business School Lausanne is that you will immediately be part of an international student community. In fact, more than 80% of students at BSL are international. This means that you will have the opportunity to connect with students from all around the world and develop your cross-cultural communication skills.

Connect with students and professionals from around the world

As our world becomes increasingly globalized, international connections and cross-cultural skills become even more important. This could enable you to access international opportunities, or excel with an international company. If you’re particularly interested in developing this skill set, then you might be an ideal fit for the program.

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