Action Calls against Prejudices and Labels against Women as Powerful Competitive Brand Positioning

More and more brands discover the power of taking positions for a cause as strategic brand positioning statement. After Dove’s “Real Beauty Campaign  (watch the video here) and its Self-Esteem Fund, a CSR consequence of it, Vitoria’s Secret’s “Love My Body Campaign”, and HNS (Healthy is the New Skinny) that promotes “women with real curves”, it’s now P&G’s cosmetics brand PANTENE that launched a “Be Strong and Shine” campaign to raise awareness of wrong labels against women, particularly in Philippines:

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Build Brand Communities – The new Brand Mantra in Today’s Online World

In a marketing landscape largely dominated by Online Media and with classic advertising budgets for TV and print advertisements decreasing, most brands try to build Online Brand Communities. But can the “virtual” world deliver what the real world does not seem to be able to provide; Unlimited access to a brand’s follower and consumer base? Continue reading

Tell me what brand community you are part of and I tell you who you are!

With Facebook having reaching its first billion members, online communities are increasingly of interests to brands wishing to build brand communities. But how does it really work? And what are the “does” and “don’t”?

While many brands still try to figure out the practical answer to this questions, the leading brand community agency VERVE and The London Business School published a short and useful guide to get you started under the title “How Online Communities Work”. Continue reading