The Slow Food Movement – a morning with Alessandra Roversi

Alessandra Roversi, well-known food public relations, communication and policy professional, joined Professor Marina Curran in her Business Responsibility and Sustainability Masters class on Thursday, 19th March. A lively and enthusiastic speaker about her subject matter – food – Ms Roversi highlighted the CSR issues are in the food sector today.

Guest speaker Alessandra Roversi and BSL's Professor Marina Curran

This enterprising lady is currently working with the city of Geneva helping them to promote their goods for the Milan Expo 2015 where the theme of this expo is a relevant on e- “Feeding the Planet”. A very important topic in a world filled with uncertainty with regards to our food and water sustainability and use. Continue reading

Poverty and Obesity – Not a paradox

“A lot of people think there is a yawning gap between hunger on the one end and obesity on the other. In fact, they’re neighbors…They are both signs of having insufficient funds to be able to buy the food that you need to stay healthy.” Raj Patel[1]

Tiffany[2] lives with her two young children in social housing in a low-income neighbourhood to the North of Washington DC. While the bureaucrats and consultants are dining out in the smart restaurants of the city, Tiffany is wondering what she is going to give her children for dinner. She works a low-wage job, and is not eligible for food stamps (SNAP – Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program)[3], and barely makes enough money each week to pay the basic bills. Continue reading