Sneak Preview to Business Ethics and Negotiations

In my course about Business Ethics and Negotiations, I like to use film clips. Today we have so many great sources for this kind of learning input. I am, of course, a big fan of TED talks. Also RSA Animated has excellent material.

In order to give you a sneak preview to my course, I would like to present a selection of the most interesting and fun ethics flicks that are used:

Rational Moral Theory…

At the beginning of this class we will learn some basic principles of ethical decision-making. We will learn about the German philosopher Kant and about the Utilitarian approach to ethical decision making. Continue reading

Thinking out of the box

To me, as a Business Psychologist, but also an HR professional,  if there was only one single thing I would like my students to leave the room with is to always keep their mind open to the unexpected, to innovation and creativity. I want my students to understand that whatever their professors tell them, whatever they learned in the past, whatever they will experience in the future, they need to keep their minds open to something that is different, to something that wasn’t in their grasp, in their training, in their know-how… Continue reading

Can we reach Life-Balance?

As a Psychology for Business Professor, I like to make it clear to my students that the application of what they will learn in my class has two main purposes within the work environment:

  • Firstly, it will help them understand and work efficiently with their future coworkers and teams by envisioning what the human capital of a company means.
  • Secondly, they will understand more about themselves, about their personality, their behaviors, their career plans, etc.

With regards to knowing oneself a little bit better, in my class yesterday, we discussed well-being at work and job satisfaction. Of course, work-life balance was part of the whole, but this time, I wanted them to have a different perspective at what could be called Life-Balance. Therefore I decided to show them a short video of Dan Thurmon Ted’s Talk on putting yourself off Balance on Purpose. Continue reading