Sneak Preview to Business Ethics and Negotiations

In my course about Business Ethics and Negotiations, I like to use film clips. Today we have so many great sources for this kind of learning input. I am, of course, a big fan of TED talks. Also RSA Animated has excellent material.

In order to give you a sneak preview to my course, I would like to present a selection of the most interesting and fun ethics flicks that are used:

Rational Moral Theory…

At the beginning of this class we will learn some basic principles of ethical decision-making. We will learn about the German philosopher Kant and about the Utilitarian approach to ethical decision making. Continue reading

What are the 10 future work skills by 2020?

Let’s face it: the 21st century will be a century of volatile transitions and towards 2020 a decade of turbulence. Growing urbanization, renewable energy, individualization of production (thanks to 3D printing), human enhancement, 24/7 connectivity, etc will have a major  influence on the job market as well. Then, how to prepare yourself for the emerging careers with a 2030 horizon? Continue reading

Welcome to becoming a professional


Welcoming students to Business School Lausanne provides almost as much a pleasure as to congratulate them at the Graduation Ceremony for their accomplishments.  What happens between first enrolment and Graduation is no less interesting, but it can be a period of colorful challenges.  Yes, most students go through some serious challenges that are made up of intense personal, social and professional learning. Continue reading