Sneak Preview to Business Ethics and Negotiations

In my course about Business Ethics and Negotiations, I like to use film clips. Today we have so many great sources for this kind of learning input. I am, of course, a big fan of TED talks. Also RSA Animated has excellent material.

In order to give you a sneak preview to my course, I would like to present a selection of the most interesting and fun ethics flicks that are used:

Rational Moral Theory…

At the beginning of this class we will learn some basic principles of ethical decision-making. We will learn about the German philosopher Kant and about the Utilitarian approach to ethical decision making. Continue reading

What are the 10 future work skills by 2020?

Let’s face it: the 21st century will be a century of volatile transitions and towards 2020 a decade of turbulence. Growing urbanization, renewable energy, individualization of production (thanks to 3D printing), human enhancement, 24/7 connectivity, etc will have a major  influence on the job market as well. Then, how to prepare yourself for the emerging careers with a 2030 horizon? Continue reading

Welcome to becoming a professional


Welcoming students to Business School Lausanne provides almost as much a pleasure as to congratulate them at the Graduation Ceremony for their accomplishments.  What happens between first enrolment and Graduation is no less interesting, but it can be a period of colorful challenges.  Yes, most students go through some serious challenges that are made up of intense personal, social and professional learning. Continue reading

Reflections on authentic communication

Following a special training given by Yiftach Sagiv, Professor and Trainer in Leadership & Communications at BSL, I felt like sharing a few thoughts on authentic communication.

The way you communicate is not the result of your culture nor of your language.  Rather, it is the result of the style you adopt – by choice or by default.  Do you have heated discussions or conflicts with your friend, your mother, your neighbour or your brother?  Do you wonder why your best friend sometimes does not understand you? Continue reading