BSL students on a company visit at Starbucks

BSL company visit at Starbucks

Masters Students from BSL’ s Competitive Positioning class paid a visit to Starbucks Coffee Trading Company (SCTC) on 29th June, 2015 . A warm welcome from the Starbucks team started the morning off well. Our journey to the world of coffee began with some coffee testing in their premises in Lausanne.
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Business Schools for Impact

A pertinent conference – Business Schools for Impact – took place last week at the World Investment Forum in Geneva and Business School Lausanne was happy to be present. UNCTAD, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, initiated this innovative project and different business schools are working with them on this idea.

Business as usual in business schools?  No thanks!

The discussion which took place in the morning wondered about the ability of the present day business schools to deal with the problems the world is currently facing and will face in the future. A presentation by Professor Ted London from Ross School of Business, Michigan University looked at business at the bottom of the pyramid, so many opportunities and needs!  Robert Glaser from CARE, a global humanitarian organization, talked about those needs and about private public partnerships that exist today and cited the work they do with Starbucks in education and healthcare. Continue reading

A day out at Starbucks

BSL company visit at Starbucks

Coffee cups are getting ready for a tasting procedure by BSL students at Starbucks 

MBA, Masters and Bachelor students paid a visit to Starbucks Coffee Trading Company (SCTC) at their premises in Lausanne this week. A warm welcome from the Starbucks team started the day well.  We were donned aprons and began the day with Laurence Pawelczyk (Manager, green coffee quality). Laurence and her team taste a variety of coffees every morning before giving the seal of approval to the coffee that eventually ends up in the Starbucks coffee houses worldwide. Ms Pawelczyk explained the tasting (cupping) procedure to her interested audience, and BSL students tried and tested coffee samples from all over the world.  Guatemalan, Ethiopian, Mexican, Brazilian and Kenyan coffees to name but a few… Continue reading