Business and Human Rights – a journey but not the final destination

A very important discussion about the challenges and risks to Swiss business moderated by Dr Klaus Leisinger took place in Geneva yesterday. Professor John Ruggie, the man who has brought the discussion on business and human rights to centre stage globally, told his attentive audience about this journey. Kofi Annan appointed Ruggie as special Representative on Business and Human Rights in 2005, and he was given a complex mandate.  He was to look at multinational activity and clarify some crucial issues; corporate responsibility, complicity and sphere of influence in particular.  Professor Ruggie was then to give recommendations as to how all of these issues should be handled or regulated globally. Not an easy task! Continue reading

Human Rights are inalienable and indivisible!

I was happy to present my views on Business and Human Rights and corporate governance to Professor Marina Curran’s Masters Class on “Business Responsibility and Sustainability” this week.

For me it was important to tell students about the current debate on the importance of Human Rights to Business and in the Education of Business students – Financial Times: Human Rights should be on the MBA curriculum. This knowledge and understanding is so relevant and important for their future careers! Continue reading

No society functions without trust

Thoughts on the  2nd UN Business and Human Rights Forum, Geneva 2-4 December, 2013

Joseph Stiglitz, recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2001, made the keynote address to the audience of almost 2,000 people on Tuesday, 3rd December, 2013 at the 2nd UN Business and Human Rights Forum in Geneva. Governments, business, academia and civil society were present at this important 3-day gathering.  The reason for this Forum?  Continue reading