TEDXZurichWomen 2015 – Momentum

The first TEDXZurichWomen took place in Zurich on the 29th May, 2015 – a big occasion. BSL had a dynamic presence in the event which was wonderful.  BSL people, Shaun McMillan, Vaia Sarlikioti, Gina Fiore, Karim Abib and yours truly, Mary Mayenfisch were all there.  We contributed in the areas of sponsoring, logistics and media, and the day to day running of the event with the rest of a very dedicated TED team.

Almost 200 people attended, coming from all backgrounds, interests and sectors.  Momentum was the theme- taking flight, gaining altitude and reaching destination were the routes taken by the varied group of speakers.
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Monday, 9th March, 2015 – Equal Pay Day in Switzerland

We were lucky!! The sun was shining and spring was definitely in the air on Monday, 9th March, 2015.  So much the better for the women and men who headed off to St Laurent, Lausanne on the occasion of Equal Pay Day in Switzerland.  What does this mean some of you may ask?  Well, this was the day when women in Switzerland earn the amount men earned up to the 31st December, 2014. Yes, you read that correctly!  Women here must work 68 days extra to earn the same amount as their male counterparts each year, an 18.9% difference in salary according to the Swiss Bureau of Statistics.

BSL supports the Equal Pay Day in Lausanne

BSL students, staff and faculty supporting the Equal Pay Day in Lausanne

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