Business as usual is dead

We see this statement becoming more and more popular amongst the community of emerging sustainable business leaders. However, it begs the question, if business as usual is dead, what is the new form of business that has been birthed in its place?

In the United States, a new legal classification of a corporation has emerged, the Benefit Corporation. In addition, a U.S. based non-profit has created a certification process that deems a corporation a B-Corp. The two, in tandem, have created a movement that is helping to transform business across the globe.

For BSL’s Ethics and Negotiations course for the M.A. in International Business the following presentation was given for the Business Ethics Case of the Week. The presentation outlines:

  • The prevailing legal definition and requirements of corporations (in the U.S.)
  • The negative externalities that these legal requirements have caused
  • A proposed solution to these problems (and how BSL’s mission is helping to facilitate the emergence of this solution)
  • The development of a certification for corporations, entitled B-Corp
  • The importance of this certification
  • The requirements and processes necessary to become a B-Corp, including attaining the legal status of a Benefit Corporation
  • The benefits of this certification from a legal and economic standpoint
  • A movement of prominent business leaders around the world working to help facilitate the aforementioned proposed solution
  • And finally a link to currently certified B-Corps around the world, for interested parties

B-Corp-Redefining Success in Business

Since November 2014, BSL has been an official representative of B-Corps in Switzerland. As an official representative, BSL supports the local community of B-Corps and helps new businesses to obtain the B-Corp certification. If your business would like to inquirer about becoming a B-Corp in Switzerland please contact:

Business as usual IS dead. It’s time for something different, join us in our efforts to expedite the transformation of business across the globe.

Author: Michael Malara, BSL Student, Master in International Business 2015-16

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