BSL’s Redesigned Interior: Fostering Creativity & Collaboration

In most schools and universities, you won’t get appreciated for the doodles and sketches you made on the classroom wall in a sudden outburst of creativity. You’d probably be scolded for inappropriate behavior to say the least. In BSL, you are actually encouraged to do exactly that. Each classroom offers designated areas for wall writing and a choice of colorful chalk. Students can access such areas any time of the day during school’s opening hours with no supervision or proof reading. Now, you may think this is a risky or naive thing to do for a serious business school. We think there’s more to it.

We came up with the BSL interior redesign project (July-August 2014) as we looked for solutions to better reflect who we are and what we care about as a business school. The project took a few weeks of brainstorming and planning, many Skype meetings with Elena and Alfredo  – our amazing art partners from Housatonic Design Network, and three days of painting by the “Great Five” (Alfredo’s team). The Italian feel for artwork is certainly what made this ride an enjoyable one more than anything else :). Continue reading