A tale of complexity and connectedness – BSL goes to Nestlé

A group of BSL students from the Bachelor, Masters and MBA programs visited Nestlé today.  The aim of the visit was to try to understand the complexity of a multinational organization like Nestlé in today’s globalized, interconnected world.

For this visit we were hosted by Nicolas Lorne, the person responsible for Promoting Corporate Culture, Values & Principles internally in Nestlé.  To start off, we visited the 6th floor of the beautiful headquarters overlooking Lac Léman in Vevey where we saw an exhibition of the Nestlé products and were able to read their communications on who they are and what they believe in as an organization.   Creating Shared Value for society is very important to this company, we heard and evidence of this commitment was very present on the 6th floor.BSL visit to Nestle
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PowerPoint, an impediment to learning?

Ag intro image

In the winter term 2012-13, I taught a part of the research methods course at Business School Lausanne. To fulfill the requirements of the course, the students had to do individual assignments as well as group projects. For their group projects they had to synthesize a number of classic articles on research design in management science and explore the inter-relations between the concepts across the articles. I had decided not let the students use Microsoft PowerPoint for presenting their group projects. Instead they had to develop mind maps using markers and paper. Below are some pictures from the students’ presentations and the mind maps they created. Continue reading