Complete Strategy Pack for a Start-Up in Half-a-Day

On two Saturdays in mid-June 2015, the EMBA and MBA classes each separately conducted a fast-track strategy workshop with a founder of the start-up Twister Lighting. The lively exchange between the realities of bringing an innovative lamp to the market and the application of strategy tools and concepts resulted in implementable strategic initiatives and enthusiastic participants.

It was a meeting of two organisations with outstanding pedigrees. On the one side, BSL, No. 3 business school in Switzerland, represented by astute students possessing a tremendous range of international managerial experience in a wide variety of businesses and industries. On the other side, Twister Lighting, winner in February 2015 of the Award for “Solutions 2015” in the category of lighting at the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt, Europe’s largest exhibition for consumer products ( The USP of the Twister lamps is that they can be installed as ceiling or wall lights in less than one minute without a screwdriver.
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Business and Human Rights and Switzerland – Towards Accountability!

The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights which were approved by the UN Human Rights Council unanimously in 2011 rests on three pillars: Countries duty to protect human rights, companies’ duty to respect human rights, the third pillar states that victims of human rights violations must have access to remedies.

It has long been clear that since governments signed and ratified human rights conventions they have a duty to ensure such rights are protected, the first pillar was in place but often not implemented.  The second pillar enunciated by John Ruggie, Special Representative on Business and Human Rights needed to be understood by business organizations – some of which have larger revenues than many nation states.  Now they know-  they must ensure this respect everywhere they operate. Not an easy task as some companies have supply chains that stretch across the world.
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A tale of complexity and connectedness – BSL goes to Nestlé

A group of BSL students from the Bachelor, Masters and MBA programs visited Nestlé today.  The aim of the visit was to try to understand the complexity of a multinational organization like Nestlé in today’s globalized, interconnected world.

For this visit we were hosted by Nicolas Lorne, the person responsible for Promoting Corporate Culture, Values & Principles internally in Nestlé.  To start off, we visited the 6th floor of the beautiful headquarters overlooking Lac Léman in Vevey where we saw an exhibition of the Nestlé products and were able to read their communications on who they are and what they believe in as an organization.   Creating Shared Value for society is very important to this company, we heard and evidence of this commitment was very present on the 6th floor.BSL visit to Nestle
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