Think Sustainability, think People

“SGS is everywhere”, declared Daniel Rufenacht, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility, SGS, in his keynote speech to the new cohort of Business School Lausanne Bachelor, Masters and MBA students on Thursday 20th February, 2014.

Daniel Rufenacht at BSL

Why everywhere? Well,  SGS tests, controls and certifies in all sectors of the economy;  they work in the areas of agriculture, oil and gas, automotive, chemical and construction to name but a few. This is an organization with a global reach and presence and, thanks to our speaker’s very broad experience, he was able to explain the many challenges the world and the world of business is facing today. Slavery, over consumption, more people and less energy were subjects touched upon. Continue reading

Journey towards Diversity

This BSL diversity journey began in a classroom. 11 students coming from very diverse cultures and countries were engaged in a case study in Professor Richard Pai’s “Negotiation and Leadership skills” course. Students from Russia, Colombia, South Africa, Romania, Dubai, Latvia, to name but a few nations represented that day, were present. 3 female and 8 male students – a really diverse group in every sense of the word. Continue reading

Can we reach Life-Balance?

As a Psychology for Business Professor, I like to make it clear to my students that the application of what they will learn in my class has two main purposes within the work environment:

  • Firstly, it will help them understand and work efficiently with their future coworkers and teams by envisioning what the human capital of a company means.
  • Secondly, they will understand more about themselves, about their personality, their behaviors, their career plans, etc.

With regards to knowing oneself a little bit better, in my class yesterday, we discussed well-being at work and job satisfaction. Of course, work-life balance was part of the whole, but this time, I wanted them to have a different perspective at what could be called Life-Balance. Therefore I decided to show them a short video of Dan Thurmon Ted’s Talk on putting yourself off Balance on Purpose. Continue reading